status: OPEN

to commission me, dm me on tumblr or discord (xenodogz#1089)

nsfw pieces only come in fullbodies. similarly to SFW commissions, the price (not including the background) is multiplied for each additional character.

what i will draw:
  • vanilla
  • bdsm
  • humanoid, animal, and fantasy genetalia
  • petplay
  • piss, vomit, farts, and scat
  • guro
  • foot fetish
  • bloodplay
  • exhibitionism
  • giant/tiny, macro/micro
  • soft vore
  • consensual somno
  • impregnation (mpreg and oviposition included)
  • pooltoys, plushies, dolls, etc
  • feral, with some exceptions (case-by-case)
what i won't draw:
  • underage characters
  • nonconsent, dubious consent, rape, incest
  • snuff (including hard vore)
  • necrophilia
  • inflation (except in the context of pooltoys, balloons, etc)
  • feederism, weight gain
  • hyper (genitals, breasts, fat, etc)
  • infantilization (abdl, ddlg, diapers, etc)
  • macro destruction (is that what it's called? idk i'm not drawing entire cities for furry women to step on i'm sorry)

if you don't see a kink on this list, feel free to ask me about it!


clean lines and flat colors, no shading.

  • $40


clean lines, colors, and cel shading.

  • $55