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about ME!

  • NAME- carrie / xeno
  • PRONOUNS- she / they / pup / woof
  • AGE- 20 whole years
  • LOCATION- midwestern USA
  • SEXUALITY- a lesbian of some sort
  • GENDER- i have no idea. sorry

what's all this then?

well howdy! my name's carrie, but you can also call me by my online alias "xeno" if you like. i'm a 20-year-old genderfluid lesbian from the midwest. i'm also an artist, a furry, and an enjoyer of media and such. i've been an internet loser since i was like 8, unfortunately, but this is my first foray into really and truly having a "web" "site" of my own.

what's your deal?

like i said, i've been on the net for the majority of my life, for better or for worse. i spent most of my early days on deviantart. i got an account when i was nine fucking years old, so if you ever find yourself wondering "hey, what's wrong with this guy? like, genuinely?" it's that. probably. in my defense, i literally asked my mom if i could make an account and she just... let me. so.

i did my little pony base art on mspaint for years. not to brag or anything, but i think i got somewhere around 150 watchers at that point, and i got namedropped on an mlp base art drama blog. that was truly special. anyways, a big artist in my community started getting into a webcomic called "homestuck," and i think that's where it all started going downhill.

i'm kidding, mostly. homestuck was my longest-lasting hyperfixation to date, and middle school carrie had a fucking blast with it. i don't think i would've learned how to draw humanoids, like, ever, if it weren't for homestuck. were they bad humanoids? absolutely. but it was fun as fuck. yes, i read the whole comic, even the first 4 acts. my favorite was dirk, if you care. if you say something like "of course you would like dirk" i have legal grounds to toss you off a cliff. just a warning.

i've been through a couple other hyperfixes, which i will list later, but nowadays i'm big into hlvrai. i've been going strong on this one for over a year now, and i've met countless beautiful, kind, and funny people thanks to it. i don't use deviantart anymore, but you can check my old one out here, if you're into that sort of thing. for now, i just use tumblr and discord, really. follow me @xenodogz on tumblr, i think i'm very charismatic and funny and cute. btw.

what makes you tick?

i'd say i have like 3 main interests: art, animals, and horror. these can intersect in several ways. for instance, if you added them all together, i think you'd get furry art. think about it. i won't elaborate.

it's just gonna be easier for me to make a lil' list of my major interests. here's, uh, that:

  • illustration
  • animation
  • ceramics
  • animals (lemurs, parrots, and dogs especially)
  • horror movies (often, bad ones)
  • furry fandom
  • half life vr but the ai is self aware
  • radio tv solutions
  • wham city comedy & alan resnick
  • internet horror / unfiction / args / creepypastas
  • homestuck
  • my little pony: friendship is magic
  • pok√©mon
  • various indie games (undertale, night in the woods, etc.)
  • warrior cats
  • hyperpop
  • my FRIENDS!

i think that's about it. seeya!

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my girl spike btw. pet her at your own risk