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welcome to my neocities page. :-) name's XENODOGZ, or xeno, or carrie. whatever! i'm a furry artist, women liker, and webdev newbie. i started working on this site late 2022, and i've learned a lot about html and (mostly) css since then. i'm having fun! coding, no matter how rudimentary, is fun. i feel like i'm really learning something every time i open up notepad++ again, lol. this is actually 2.0! i've coded the whole thing from the ground-up by myself. no templates! (except for javascript, i'm not touching that shit.)

aaanyways, don't hesitate to talk to me! i promise, no matter how shy you are, i'm shyer. is this a good pitch? what i'm saying is i don't bite! hit me up on tumblr or discord, i'm most active there. talk to me about hlvrai, that'll get me going. have fun exploring, and thanks for stopping by! ^__^

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  • just updates to my hornyvrai pages right now. sorry! i've been both busy and incredibly burnt out. :-P

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