still a work in progress! :-P i have many many lovely people i would love to display here, but i also want to make pixels for all of them, which takes time.

anywho, click on their pixel heads to visit their socials. they're all fantastic people. obviously. <3


big beautiful bird who i've known for several years now. incredibly clever writer and dungeon master. knows far more about kingdom hearts than i ever will.


we became friends in high school after they recognized my hot topic homestuck shirt. a silly little ball of energy. knows many cool people on tumblr.


also from high school, they're one of the sweetest, most sympathetic and understanding people i've ever met. still very capable of being a hater with.


puppydog i met through the frenrey zine. incredibly sweet, always a reliable shoulder to cry on. every sentence they say is funnier than the last.


deeply intelligent and talented artist i met in high school. was also my roommate when i tried going to college. i don't know if i would've survived without him.


online-to-irl friend i met through the frenrey zine. one of my favorite artists. very funny and easy to talk to. i'm lucky to know this lil' bugger.


incredibly smart and friendly fella i met through frenrey server. i'm thankful for their kindness every day. dedicated to the frenrey cause.


knowledgeable, kind, and hardworking beyond compare. i owe a lot to him for bringing our little group together. we met through our shared interest in frenrey (normal).


met through the frenrey zine. charismatic, comedic, and creative, i always look forward to hearing from him and seeing his ideas. i like his voice, also.


funny, unique, and crazily skilled artist. i'm forever obsessed with his style, in art and in real life. met him through frenrey server. always incredibly fun to talk to.


another frenrey zine friend. has more energy than anyone i've ever met in my life. an absolute joy to be around every time. twitter famous via lizard pics.