I DID IT! (I'm so tired!)

1/5/2023 4:43 PM


I've got a lot of stuff to catch y'all up on, but let's start with some website updates, yeah?

First up, I have finally, finally gotten my NSFW galleries set up, with all the backlogged art I could dig up. Huge thanks to Pivot for helping my dumb ass navigate glightbox! In hindsight it was very easy, but I get so fucking intimidated by long walls of text. I really need to get better at, uh, reading. Anyway, glightbox has been implemented in my Portfolio page as well! (You can find the link to the NSFW galleries at the bottom of that page, also.) I'm really happy with how it all looks, and y'all can expect me to upload new art to their respective galleries over time. I'll be posting cropped versions of these images to a tumblr blog (@nastyaliendogz), linking back to the NSFW hub in the bio or in the post description, not sure yet. Stay tuned.

Sorry if you're not interested in NSFW! I tried to keep that brief. In other website news, I've changed the website font from Exo to Atkinson Hyperlegible, to, believe it or not, improve legibility. Exo was a cute font, but a couple things about it really pissed me off, especially the exclaimation point. There was like, no space between the dot and the line. As an exclaimation point enjoyer, I couldn't let that stand. I like Atkinson Hyperlegible, but I still might change it eventually for something more quirky, or at least throw in an additional font for headers and such. We'll see! In the meantime, look at the zero and the eight: 0 8. Aren't they cute?

Final website update isn't quite an update, but a to-do list. My next steps for my little site is to decorate a bit more. It'll be a welcome reprieve from all the hair-pulling stress gallery-making has been giving me, and I've been really chomping at the bit to get this place looking like the 2014 DeviantArt page of my dreams. Gotta find stamps, 3D graphics, blinkies, stuff like that. It might turn into an eyesore. We'll see!

That's it for Neocities stuff. As for me, I've been really fucking busy, as I'm sure all of you have been too. Between my job, commissions, Christmas, and Discord server gift exchange organizing, I've been so burnt out. It's fine though! It's finally all coming to an end. Well, not commissions, I've actually been getting more of those (which I'm incredibly thankful for!!!), but things are getting slower. It's nice. I'm still working at the dog boarding/rescue place, and for a while it was really bad. Between the holidays bringing us to full capacity, getting scheduled on during a family gathering, and having to deal with the worst coworker I've ever had the displeasure of meeting, I nearly quit. And, ya know, maybe I still will, but things are getting a little better. It's far less congested now that everyone's picked up their dogs after returning home from the holidays, and I'm on a lucky streak of not being scheduled with my bad coworker. She really should get fired, and I thought she did, but apparently they're still hanging on to her. For some fucking reason. I just gotta hope she doesn't fuck me over again. Aside from that, the gift exchange is tomorrow as of writing this, so that'll be a weight off my shoulders soon too. I didn't get anyone anything for Christmas this year. I feel really bad about it still. I really didn't have the time. I'm not used to having such a demanding job and so many friends. A lot fo my time is consumed by talking to my friends, really. I met so many incredible people last year. If you're reading this, I'm probably talking about you. Thank you! You mean the world to me.

Speaking of interpesonal realtionships (what an opener), I found out very recently I'm not entirely aromantic. I'm gray-aro or. . . or something. Turns out I can be an icredibly lovesick and useless lesbian every once in a while when the right girl comes along. It's been a weird experience, I've never felt this strongly about someone like this, at least not in like, 5 years. Turns out the reason it was so difficult for me to understand romantic attraction was because it really is an entirely indescribable feeling. I get the frustration from some folks after I asked them what romantic attraction felt like, because yeah, how do you explain it? Knowing what it feels like now, I wouldn't be able to. All I know is I have it bad. There's a possibility she's reading this, and if she is, she knows I'm talking about her. Hi girl. <3

Let's see, what else. . . Well, here's some insight into the art projects I'm working on/planning for:

  1. HLVRAI Frenrey animatic to "I Listened" by Apes of the State
  2. Chipping away at refs for upcoming comic (perhaps even building a page/site for it?)
  3. Good Vibrations sequel
  4. Benrey ref to go alongside my Gordie ref
  5. Secret gift for a secret someone. . . ;-)

Welp! To be honest, I was hoping this blogpost would be something much more sustantial, something with a clear focus and something to say, but I don't have the brain power for that right now, plus I had to get all of the prior updates out first. Hope y'all don't mind! Maybe next month (I didn't plan on these being monthly, but it just panned out to be that way. I don't mind!) I'll have something more focused and essay-like. For now, though, I hope you enjoyed this little fireside chat we had. Here, look, there's even a fireplace. It was there the whole time. Seeya!