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Short Update!

12/7/2022 4:45 PM


           Apologies for the lack of updates recently! I have been working on this site, everything has just been behind-the-scenes fumbling with JavaScript trying to make a lightbox gallery that I actually like. Ever since I lost interest in Twitter (and it went to shit anyway) I've had nowhere to post my NSFW art, so I'm trying to create a space in here to view it. I'm not settling for the boring grid gallery I currently have on my Portfolio page. Constantly fumbling with Javascript. Every day. Once I get that all figured out and I set up the NSFW pages I'll revamp my portfolio too. Coding is hard! I'm struggling! Help! Anyways.

           In the time since my last blogpost, I got a job! I work at a dog hotel now. It's pretty fun, actually! Work is work, so it sucks sometimes, but it's the kind of fast-paced job I've been looking for. I can't do jobs where I stand around all day. Bad for my feet and for my brain. Still, the new job is pretty exhausting. I get home after my shift walking like a zombie. It's been getting better though! The problem was I never really exercised much in the time between this job and my last one. Just sat around drawing. Not great to go from no exercise to rigorous dog-walking and kennel-cleaning, but I'm surviving! My bicep muscles went from nothing to something in the span of a couple weeks which is... interesting. It's cool. It's overall a pretty good thing to get moving, obviously, it's just a very new thing for me. I'll adjust.

           Pro tip: if you're ever absolutely fucking exhausted at your job, just think about how sexy you look while working. It helps. I promise. It keeps me going. Like, if I was a new coworker and I saw me hunched over scrubbing dogshit off walls I would be like "Wow... she's so butch... //O_O//"

           Ok. That's all for now! Thanks for hangin' in there! Seeya!